The Swig Rig | Mobile Drinkery | FAQ | San Diego
Birthdays, parties, weddings, corporate events, tailgates, fundraisers, or anything where you just want a drink. Our mobile drinkery is the life of the party.
Mobile Bar
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What does The Swig Rig provide?

First and foremost we provide a good time! The Rig will arrive at your event with TIPS certified bartenders, barware, drink garnishes, ice, mini-fridge, a two tap kegerator, and disposable beer, wine and cocktail cups. If there is no power on site, we can provide a generator for an additional fee.

What drinks can The Swig Rig serve?

Bottled or draft beer, wine, champagne, non-alcoholic drinks, and up to three signature cocktails. If you have something special in mind, just let us know and we are happy to make it work!

What types of events can The Swig Rig service?

Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, happy hours, engagements, tailgates, graduation, corporate parties, reunions, retirements, and anything else you want to celebrate! Your cat just turned 2? Let’s have a party!

Can The Swig Rig only serve alcoholic beverages?

No Way! We can transform into a bar of any kind: coffee, mocktails, popsicles, donuts, dessert bar or whatever else you can dream up.

Where are you based?

We are based in North County San Diego, but we love a good road trip!

What are The Swig Rig’s dimensions?

8′ high, 8′ wide, 11′ long

Do you have insurance?

Of Course! We have $2M in general liability coverage.

Does The Swig Rig sell alcohol?

Due to California licensing regulations, we cannot provide or sell you alcohol. We serve alcohol that is supplied by the event organizer or a third party. So how much alcohol will you need, you ask? We’ve got you covered! We can help you calculate the amount of alcohol based on hours of service and how many guests you expect. And the best part? By sourcing your own alcohol you actually save a lot of money!

Are your bartenders trained?

Our bartenders are TIPS certified and trained. They are also extremely personable so your guests will receive impeccable customer service.

How much does it cost to hire The Swig Rig?

Every event is different so rather than just providing a general package, we will tailor a quote just for you. Cost is generally calculated based on number of service hours, drinks and how many guests. Please fill out the form on the contact page or email your event details to for a quote!