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About us

About Casey and Michael San Diego Swig Rig Mobile Bartending Owners

Let me introduce myself! I’m Casey Belitz and this whole idea was started after a few too many glasses of wine.

The original Swig Rig started in Bend, OR in 2015. My high school friend, Kate Molletta, bought a run down 1966 refrigerated truck and turned it into a mobile beer bar. She quickly learned there was a huge demand for creative and unique bar options so she added a 1962 vintage trailer to her fleet. She likes to say that people go to weddings to celebrate the couple — but they stay for the booze! And that’s why the bar is so important.

I was recently visiting Bend and Kate and I has some time to kill before my flight back so we did what anyone would do in this situation. We opened a bottle of wine!

After a few glasses, I started over-sharing about my busy life as a high school teacher, part-time event coordinator, full-time lacrosse coach, sports product developer, uncertified sports psychologist, dog mom, and my entrepreneur mindset. As if I didn’t have enough going on already, I decided I wanted to bring The Swig Rig to San Diego. I called my incredibly supportive husband, Michael, to tell him my crazy idea and he hopped right on board. A few hours later I was in the airport searching for vintage trailers on Craigslist and now here we are!